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How to detect links in a text string with PHP

Let’s see how to detect links and links in a text string with PHP using a simple script. In the analyzed strings we will have links with www, http://, https://, twitter hashtag and twitter profiles.

PHP is a very powerful language with which we can manipulate, format and operate with text strings very easily.

Example code to detect links in a string with PHP preg_replace()

In the following example you can see working the code placed under these lines. The function used for detection and replacement is PHP preg_replace().

The string we are going to have is the following: http://www.anerbarrena.com https://www.facebook.com www.google.es @anerbarrena #anerbarrena.

This is the source code of the demo to detect the links:

Let’s review the source code:

  1. Line 2: In $original string we set de links to filter.
  2. Líneas 8 y 10: Detect in the string normal links as http, https or www. Then we add the link code.
  3. Línea 14: We look for the word to contain a @.
  4. Línea 15: We look for the word to contain a #.

We hope you found this PHP tutorial useful to detect links in a text string.

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